Shalom all!

Our Hillel Seder is quickly drawing near. This mean we will be grocery shopping. Given our limited budget, we cannot prepare food for a “Maybe” RSVP. We need either a yes or a no by 9:00am Thursday morning. (That’s tomorrow morning!) If you are a “Maybe” RSVP, feel free to attend, but please understand that although we will welcome you to enjoy the ritual, we cannot guarantee food.

If you have questions about what to bring for the potluck, or are wondering whether your dish is Kosher for Passover, please contact me with your concern. I am available via Facebook, and email at

This is not a first night, or a second night Seder, so traditional guidelines are looser regarding the ceremony. We’ve decided to take this opportunity to explore the theme of freedom from a nontraditional perspective. This Seder, we will be using a modified version of “A Survivor’s Haggadah – Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse”. For those who have been abused themselves, whether early or later in life, the Seder may be triggering. For those who have never had to deal with these experiences, may this Seder open your eyes to those who are not free.

A PDF is available at for those who wish to get a preview. Of course, there will be enough print copies for everyone on Friday night.

An important note on Seder behavior:

In the past, people have attended Hillel events under the influence of various substances. The Passover Seder is one of Judaism’s most sacred occasions. As such, all are asked to attend our events sober. Wine will be provided at the event; people arriving inebriated will be turned away at the door. We will hold to this rule no matter the substance. As such, if you become disruptively inebriated during the Seder, we reserve the right to ask you to leave.

We only have enough wine for 4 glasses each (per the Seder guidelines).

Joshua Levine