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Join us for our Chanukah Party and Shabbatluck! This Friday, December 3rd at 5:30 pm, located in SEM II E2105.

There will be latkes, dreidel games, lighting of candles (for Shabbat and Chanukah), geoduck gift exchange, a potluck, and lots of fun!

What’s a geoduck gift exchange?  It is like a white elephant gift exchange, where everyone brings a gift (small, funny, homemade, inexpensive, etc) but no one knows who will receive which gift. Sound fun? Good! Join us for a great time!
Who: Evergreen Hillel and you!
What: Chanukah/Shabbat Potluck Party
When: Dec. 3rd, 5:30 pm
Where: SEM II E2105
Why: Great food, fun games

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Come join us for a celebration of Shabbat! Please bring a vegetarian food or drink item to share if possible- but we will have plenty of food even if you can’t contribute anything. We’re holding it in SEM II E2105- don’t worry if you can’t show up exactly at 5:30, we’ll probably be going until 10:00.

Boker tov,

Hillel now has a calendar of events available online through Google Calendar, and in downloadable PDF format. We have also included some events of particular interest happening in the outside community.

PDF of November 2010 Calendar

Evergreen Hillel Events Calendar with GoogleCal

Please add us to your Google Calendar feeds, or use the PDF to keep track of what’s happening at Evergreen Hillel. We hope these will be useful to all our Hillelniks! If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Looking forward,