WELCOME everybody, to Evergreen Hillel’s Shir L’Shalom: Songs of Peace. Our goal here is simple: To share Hebrew as we’ve grown up experiencing it, from camp, religious school, and synagogue. This is the language some of us have grown up with in our homes, the language some sing in joyously whenever they gather with their peers. Others at the Hillel are just being introduced to the Hebrew language, and this may be the first time they hear it raised in song. The songs we grew up singing celebrate freedom and pray for peace to come to everyone. Some of these songs are ancient, and some are contemporary; I think all of them are beautiful.

Sadly, there are people whose only experience of Hebrew is negative, just as there are parts of the world where English speaking soldiers are present despite a peoples’ wishes otherwise. The actions of a few American soldiers cannot be taken to represent the American people as a whole, and actions of any military cannot be seen as representative of an entire people.

Although we sing in Hebrew, we do so knowing that not everyone experiences it as the language of peace we celebrate here today. We hope for the patience to listen to one another, and pray for the strength and courage to explore new ideas together. Thank you all for joining us today as we celebrate an ancient language that helps tie the Jewish people together, and give voice to it as a language of peace.

B’Shalom (In Peace),

Joshua Levine, President TESC Hillel

P.S. Here’s our song list!

Hinei Mah Tov
Oseh Shalom
Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah
Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem
Lo Yisa Goi
Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu
Shalom Rav
Yihiyeh Tov
Sim Shalom
Shir Chadash
Tree of Life
Gesher Tzar Meod
Yad B’Yad
T’filat HaDerech
Shalom Chaverim