Recently, the Evergreen Hillel began promotion for Shir L’Shalom, an event which we have envisioned as a way to share our experience of the Hebrew language as a constructive and meaningful force in our lives with our fellow students. We regret that, in the promotion of this event, statements were published that implied a political agenda and a reproach towards some of our fellow students. These comments are in keeping with neither the letter nor the spirit of the Evergreen Hillel’s mission, which includes a commitment to the exploration and expression of all views held by its constituents. We would like to formally apologize for these comments, which wrongfully conflated the personal expression of individuals in our leadership with the official position of the organization.
As a group, the Evergreen Hillel values and encourages any and all personal expression and discourse, but distinguishes the discussion we wish to facilitate from the positions we hold as an organization. The offending comments eroded that distinction, and for that we sincerely apologize. We would like to assure all concerned students that the offending sentiments will not make their way into the event itself, and we hope that this incident will not prevent anyone from attending and enjoying our celebration of song, learning, and peace.
Finally, for those who still believe that the Evergreen Hillel does not represent their values and principles, we would like to invite you to help shape the organization in a way that resonates with you. We are a growing organization, still undergoing substantial development, and your participation can help create a Jewish voice on campus that meets your needs. We seek to provide a community for all, regardless of political or ideological affiliation, and for that we need your help. In hopes of advancing this goal through ongoing discussion, we will be holding a weekly open forum. Our first meeting will take place Friday, February 25th at 3 PM, in a location soon to be determined. The scope of our discussion will span the basics of Hillel’s organizational governance, global affairs, and Jewish events. Please join us in creating a Hillel that both represents and enhances Jewish life on campus.

Thank you,
Hillel Board