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This is a really cool article from today’s New York Times. Young Jews all over the country and changing the way people think about shul and creating a whole new generation of talented Torah readers. It really is cool to go to shul.

Moses vs Pharoah, Ali vs Forman, Kirk vs Kahn…

Great rivalries have existed since the beginning of time and it appears that we are now living in the era of Dershowitz vs Finkelstein. The New York Times posted a great article today about these two professors that seem to just keep bumping heads over Zionism, Israel, Judaism…

“If the longstanding fight between two professors, Alan Dershowitz and Norman Finkelstein, was under the jurisdiction of family court, a judge could issue restraining orders and forbid inflammatory statements. But, alas, this nasty and zealously pursued feud is taking place in scholarly precincts, so each protagonist is continuing his campaign, unhampered, to destroy the other’s professional reputation and career.”

Read the rest of the article here.

This article was published in the Sunday Times today. It’s a look into a type of semi-underground party that happens regularly in an Orthodox Community in New York City. Jews of every type and from all over the city come together for this party and dance, argue or just take it all in. Read the article here. And, be sure to watch the video.

This article from todays New York Times Real Estate Section discusses how many Americans are forgoing traditional vacation home locations and opting to buy property in Israel. With those beautiful views, I’m not surprised. It’s gonna cost you, though. But really, Israel, the new Hamptons?

“Views of the Old City and of the Dome of the Rock are a must,” Mr. Tzuberi said, “even though they can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cost of a home.”

So it’s been a pretty slow news day — The New York Times has Captain America on the front page. But, the Times also had this really great article: Journey from a Chinese Orphanage to a Jewish Right of Passage.

“But seldom is the juxtaposition of homeland and new home, of faith and background, so stark. And nothing brings out the contrasts like a bat mitzvah, as formal a declaration of identity as any 13-year-old can be called upon to make.”

Really cool article. Check it out.

  • Candidates on Israel: American Jewish leaders are really starting to pay attention to 2008 Presidential hopefuls’ views on Israel. And you should, too.
  • Israel Studies on Campus: A group of 31 American Jewish organizations are working hard to increase access to Israel studies on college campuses across the county. “In 386 institutions surveyed, including a varied sample of top universities, state schools and community colleges, 53 percent didn’t offer a single course on Israel. Not even [a course on] comparative politics that includes Israel among other countries.” Boo.
  • What’s This All About, Israel?: According to a new study released today, the average woman’s salary in Israel was less than half of that of men. Seriously, boo.

Sorry to have not posted for a few days. School’s been wicked busy and news has been a little slow.

  • Ladino, Dead?: There’s a movement in Istanbul to revive Ladino, a beautiful Serphardi language that takes inspiration from Hebrew, Old Spanish and some Arabic. Salom, a weekly Jewish newspaper currently publishes a portion of its news in Ladino — advocates of this program hope it will help to keep Ladino alive.
  • Is the BBC too Pro Israel?: Interesting view on how Israeli news sources view American and British news sources. Intersting sidenote, you can’t read the BBC in Hebrew.
  • Brandeis Finds One Millions Jews: Is this a joke? I mean, really. The gays are at least in a closet so it makes sense that we wouldn’t find them. But the Jews? Where could one million Jews have been all these years? Oh well. We’re glad you’re here, guys. Sorry it took you so long.
  • Elie Wiesel Attacked: Famous Holocaust scholar Elie Wiesel was attacked outside his hotel room last week in San Francisco by a Holocaust denier. Police haven’t identified any suspects but, Wiesel is unharmed. Thank God.

“It shows that Hitler did not succeed in destroying the Jewish religion,”Friedenson said by telephone. “It’s not as strong as when I grew up,” he said, adding, “but in the end, we survived.” Read the rest of the article here.

  • Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop: Hip Hop legend Russell Simmons is teaming up with Marc Schneiner, an Orthodox Rabbi from NYC to produce a film aimed at breaking down negative Muslim stereotypes. This is the second time the duo has collaborated on a film. This latest project will feature the renowned and immortal Beastie Boys. Get excited.
  • Alan “Dersho-what-now” Dershowitz vs Jimmy “Jimbo” Carter: Jimmy Carter, I challenge you to duel. Dershowitz tried to bring the heat on Carter but Jimmy turned him down. Sorry, Alan. Maybe next time.
  • Jews in Cuba: Great article about the Jewish community in Havana. (Just as a matter of personal opinion, The New York Times Travel section has some really great articles.)“When you are few, there is a responsibility to keep traditions…educating the children is the only way to keep the community alive.” True words. If you’re ever in Cuba, be sure to “challah’” at these people. They sound pretty cool.
  • President Bush: A Divider of American Jews?: Great editorial from Haaretz. Has some interesting ideas about Jews and their relationship with voting as it relates to Israel.