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Hey everyone,
Just a check-in with everyone, who all is planning on attending Shabbat in the City, the Second City Chamber series Israeli/Jewish music concert this coming Friday, the 8th of October? Remember, tickets are just $5 each for the first 28 students, and after that it goes up to $10 per student, and we need our counts soon. Keep telling your friends, acquaintances, random people that seem interesting know about the concert and our shabbat/small kiddush planned before the concert at the Annie Wright School in Tacoma.
RSVP to by Monday evening.
Best regards,

Welcome back, returning students! And welcome to Evergreen for our new freshman and transfers!  We’ve got a lot in store for you this year, in addition to our Sukkot offerings.  Below, you’ll find a link to our newsletter which tells you all about upcoming events, including a chamber music concert in Tacoma, and the first 28 tickets are just $5 each!  If you’d like to attend, please email immediately letting her know your interest, and confirmation.  The newsletter also includes information about some of our returning Board members, a registration form for you to fill out and give back to us, whether by printing it out, and giving it to Nikki in the Student Activities office, or emailing it to, and information on other exciting activities we have in store for you!

The start date for Read Hebrew America has changed however, due to a leadership conference the Board has been invited to.  We will be starting October 15th, at 4pm, and it’ll likely be in Sem 2 E2105, followed by a shabbat potluck!  If you’d like to be involved in Read Hebrew America, or attend the concert, please let Anneke know immediately! RSVP by October 1st at the latest. Send mail to her at and if you’re going to be involved in the Hebrew program, please include your full name and address, as our sponsors would like to verify that each of us truly exists. (Though I personally think that’s a relative statement, especially when you get Greeners involved.)

Fall 2010 Newsletter

Please be sure to thank the Chabad Jewish Discovery Center in Olympia for their generous donation of our Sukkah for the year, as well as Temple Beth Hatfiloh for our lulav and etrog sets.

Best wishes for a healthy, happy New Year,


Hey Hillelniks,

We’re in the middle of Sukkot now, and just a reminder that today is our Sukkah Hop.
Celebrate Sukkot with us as we nosh our way through the Olympia Jewish community. Meet us on campus at the Sukkah in Red Square at 11am if you plan on Hopping with us. From campus, if there are enough of us, we’ll bus downtown to Temple Beth Hatfiloh for their vegetarian potluck lunch beginning at noon. Please bring a dish to share.

From there, we walk to Chabad for Sushi in the Sukkah! We’ll learn to make sushi, in addition to having pre-prepared sushi available to eat. :)

We will conclude the day with a fabulous meal, and a roasting of the marshmallows at Sherri Shulman’s home.

Please bring bus fare, however, if there are five or less of us, I will drive.

Also remember, our Sukkot Potluck is this Tuesday evening at 8pm! We will meet at the Sukkah in Red Square, and then move to a nearby location for the potluck. Celebrate the Autumn Harvest with us as we gather together to share in a bountiful harvest of these fruits of the earth, while partaking in the tradition of giving back to the community! For the potluck, please bring a seasonally inspired vegetarian or vegan dish, and something to donate to the Student Food Bank on campus. Bring your friends! The more, the merrier!

Sukkah Hop 5771

Sukkot Potluck 5771

Hey all,

This month’s shabbat dinner with Chabad of Olympia ( will be happening tomorrow! (Friday!) If you want to go, you should RSVP immediately and let Chava know any dietary restrictions you may have. :) Feel free to join, whether you’re non-Jewish but curious, Jewish only by blood or culture, or you’re observant! Just remember to RSVP immediately. :)

Dinner will start at 6:30 pm.

Evergreen Hillel Co-Coordinator

There is a Channukah party down at Temple Beth Hatfiloh and Hillel has volunteered to cook latkes and we need volunteers to help cook them. The party is on the 12th of December and we would start prepping at 3PM. If you are interested, please respond ASAP. Meet in front of the temple at 3.Jonathan Levy-Wolins and Anneke Moffitt
Coordinators of Evergreen Hillel

Josh Levine
Community Advisor to Hillel

Join Evergreen Hillel’s Facebook page at

Feel free to contact the coordinators or community advisor with any questions or if you have any ideas for events that you’d like to see via email or Facebook message.

Hey, everyone! Evergreen Hillel would love to see you at our event planning meeting Nov 14! We meet in front of the library at 3 o’clock.

We want to talk about bringing music of all sorts, from Eprhyme to Weird Al! Movie showings and maybe a film festival, future holiday seders, lecture(s)! Workshops on food of the holidays, a weekly baking group, and (bi)weekly shabbat potluck dinners. Hiking trips, bowling, roller skating, bike trips, and more. There are lots of ideas and we want YOU to help us determine what Hillel should be doing and more importantly, what you want to do with us!

Other ideas for future events include:
- Attendance at services in the area, and possible transportation to/from those services (including anywhere from Temple Beth Hatfiloh downtown, to the conservative shul out near Yelm, or Temple Beth El in Tacoma)
- A weekly/monthly movie night
- A Yom Hashoah event, possibly including a series of workshops and other events surrounding the Holocaust and remembrances thereof.

- Kristallnacht Anniversary events for next year
- Israeli Dancing workshops, including an event sometime over the President’s Day weekend
- Camping
- The organization of / additions to the library currently residing in the S&A office library
- Activities in concert with other groups
- Interfaith dialogues on campus amongst student groups and the community
- and more!
Remember, kids: Hillel events only happen with your interest and support, and we want to be able to keep putting on movie nights, seders, shabbat potlucks, and other activities for you!

Check out our event page at